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Diamond overboard!
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8 Larry (7899)
9 Please Kill Me Now (7618)
10 Canklefish (7586)
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Need my dopamine fix!
About 'Please Kill Me Now'
Current status of Movie deity (Silver) with a total of 7618 reviews published to date.
This reviewer's vital statistics.
Number of reviews 7618
Percentage of the site's reviews written by me 1.9
Number of films added by me 460
Number of films for which I have the top voted review (with at least 1 vote) 23
Number of Films Reviewed 1741
Top Votes for Films 23
Percentage of films reviewed where I have at least the joint top review with at least 1 vote 1.32
Number of films scored 1819
My top voted review has how many votes? 26
Number of reviews with 0 votes 5957
Number of my reviews with 1 to 4 votes 1577
Number of my reviews with 1 to 9 votes 1634
No. of Accolades Made 44
Accolades Won 98
Number of accolades I haven't completed 4026
Percentage of accolades completed by me 2.38
Percentage of accolades completed that have been completed by at least one person. 3.44
Average votes per review 0.35
Number of reviews with 10 votes 5
Number of my reviews with 10 to 19 votes 22
Number of my reviews with 5 to 9 votes 57
Percentage of my reviews with at least 10 votes 0.35
Number of films I have reviewed 1741
Percentage of top-reviewed films by Please Kill Me Now 1.32
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